Server Update 20/04/2017

Hi guys and welcome to another Server Update



This update includes; 


Release of Zeah catacombs & Superior Slayer Monsters




Zeah Catacombs


- Every npc added


- Every npc has a chance of dropping an ancient-shard (this is written in the code so you can't see drop-rates for it). We are thinking of an idea for the ancient-shard atm. If you have any let me know.


- Burying bones will restore prayer points, as well as the Bone crusher


Superior slayer monsters


If your slayer-task has a superior-slayer monster counterpart, there is a chance while slaying you will receive one to kill. These have the chance to drop the respective items aka imbued heart, and staffs.


Fix to aggression & npc-sizes


A slight rewrite to aggression, should resolve a few issues. Npc sizes are now loaded in the definitions, this should also fix some issues.


Skippy added to tutorial


You can now skip the tutorial for players who have played before!


Common-drop table updated


You should see more common drops more frequently now


Rare announcement


Rare announcement will now tell you the NPC it was dropped from

Mod Tim

Server Update 16/04/2017

Hi guys and welcome to another Server Update thread. I apologise about the delay on this one!


Let's get straight to the details;


Clue scroll expansion/fixes


A lot of complaints was received by players only being able to have one clue at a time, you can now collect each clue (Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Masters). You also have the option to trade all of these clues into Jorral for a Masters clue. (He can be located at home).


- You can now check steps left on clues


Pest control portals


When killed, they will now display as 'Dead'


Wilderness Slayer master


 You can now speak to 'Ed' for Wilderness slayer-tasks. He can be found at the ditch in Edgeville. Each task he assigns is obviously located in the Wilderness. along with this, every completed task is a guaranteed emblem drop.


Safe-zones for HCIM


You will no longer use your status for dying in PC, Fightcaves, or Nightmare zone

(If there should be anymore, list and ill fix asap).




All emotes should now be working



This kind of looks like a tiny update, but the work included is quite a lot for this update. Hope you enjoy, expect more active updates!

Mod Tim

Server Update 11/04/2017 (Master clues)!

Hi guys and welcome to another server update thread!



Slight update to drop-rate


Some drop-rates have been decreased/altered.


Height fix for multi-barrage


Was an issue still, it's now 100% fixed.


Diagonal issues


Npcs was still having diagonal issues, this is now fixed.


Daily perk rewritten


Although the content was just written, I didn't like the way it was done, I ended up rewriting it and it's now 100% functional. each daily perk will last 6 hours then reset for a fresh daily perk by random.



Fairy rings coming to DR


You can now use Fairy rings to teleport around Divine-reality, you can also use the command ::codes to see some of the available Fairy ring codes (please note some of the namings are incorrect) I will have this patched for next update). I dont have an OSRS account so  i can't test locations of each teleport code.



Master clues !


A lot of clue rewards have been re-done, no more buckets! (lol). 


- You can now get Master clues from several NPCs


(Corp, Zulrah, Sire, all GWD bosses (not Minions) and PVP Bosses (fanatic, archaeologist, venenatis, scorpia etc).


Please note Master clues have an item requirement which means sometimes your clue can become an item-requirement clue. like below




- All Master clue OSRS rewards are added with the exception of a small few! 


good luck grinding!

Mod Tim

07/04/2017 Server & Client Update

Hi and welcome to another Update thread..


In this update we are featuring a few new changes ! that I hope you guys will enjoy







Distance/Diagonal fix


Sometimes npcs would attack you on a strange diagonal/vice versa u could attack them back. This should now be fixed. Please report any issues with this.


Fixes to aggression


- NPCs fighting you wont just bother off to the next person that runs in

Some NPCs will now switch attackers; such as GWD. Rather than just focusing one target.


Well Of Goodwill 


You can now collaborate together to provide yourself and everyone with Double Experience.


Daily Perks


Along with the Well, you can also collaborate with other players to get a Daily perk. You can view your Daily perk via the Clanchat clicking 'Daily perk timer'. This shows you the time remaining in minutes as well as what the daily perk is!


- Double coin drops from NPCS

1.5x Skilling exp (Exp for all non-combats)

NPC-Drop rate increase (Can be up to 1-3%).

Minigame point increase - Receive more points from tasks such as Slayer, Nmz, Pest Control and Barrows (The chance for Barrows item is increased!)


Pool of Rejuvenation


You can now use the Pool to rejuvenate your HP, Prayer and Special attack as well as cure any diseases!


How it works:


Sponsor(Can use every 30 seconds)

Premium(60 Seconds)

Donator(90 Seconds)

Player (180 Seconds).


Occult altar


I have replaced the usual altars with the Occult, it can now be used for switching between all the spell books.



Mod Tim

04/04/2017 Server Update

Hi guys, welcome to another Server Update.


In this update we have a few nice additions, I just want to mention that we also will have our new Store online very soon! It could potentially be Tomorrow.


Runite golems


Runite golems now spawn a Runite rock as they're supposed to. Once mined it is removed from the game.



NPC Drops (Common)


I have updated the common table, NPCs shouldn't be dropping nothing all the time!


Stairs (Lumbridge)


The right click options now work for going up and down the levels for ease of use.


Looting bag rewritten!


You can now use the Looting bag to store any items! This however is still limited to the deposit boxes, but you may store any item except Gold coins!



Attackable modes


All modes are now attackable - please be aware of this



Warriors guild


The defender check is now fixed, doesn't matter if it's equipted or in the inventory. 


Seers rooftop course!


The seers rooftop course is now added! 


Black chinchompas (Hunting)


You can now hunt Black chins, they're found in the Wilderness in their respective spot.


Misc fixes



Pest Control portals fixed

Hunter bug with picking up traps

Mod Tim

02/04/2017 Server & Client Update

Hi guys, welcome to the Server & client update.



Server & Client update



Map fix for rooftop agility


As mentioned previously, I couldn't finish of the rooftop courses due to the missing map areas. I can now finish this for next update.


Level remaining fix


When you reached 98 in a skill, it wouldn't show you exp to 99 anymore. This is now fixed.


Shift click drop


You can now toggle shift click drop, this works the same as OSRS.


Follow & Trade options switched.


Skill filter


You can now enable/disable the skill filter, this will remove repeated messages from Skilling. If I have missed any, let me know.


Vote system


Vote system is now done by Username, this removes the issue with switching IPs.


Warriors guild


You can stay in the Warriors guild as long as you have 10 tokens or more. The stairs have also been fixed. If you die at warriors guild, it will now reload the region properly so you can see your items.


Nieve Dialogue



You can now use the several options as well as the dialogues.




Mod Tim

31/03/2017 Server Update

Hi guys,



I will be releasing a client update sometime today or tomorrow which will include some map fixes which will let me finish doing Rooftop (Some of the areas maps are bugged).






When you kill a barrows brother, if you went up stairs it would de-register the npc & not count and you would have to go down and kill it again. This is now fixed. You can leave the area and it will still add to your KC.


Bug with prayer


Prayer was causing a lot of tasks to end abruptly. This is now fixed.


Gwd instances


A bug which caused them to re-spawn instantly is now fixed.


Skilling pets!


I have now added the rest of the skilling pets; this includes Rocky, TangleRoot, and Giant squirrel as well as all of the Rift guardians. You can receive the rift guardians by their respective Altars. I.e. Mind altar will get you the Mind rift guardian.


Blood altar added


You can now use the Blood altar in the Abyss dungeon.


Hunter fixes


Hunter npcs are now attracted to Traps, rather than just randomly walking until they land on it. As well as a few small fixes.



I know the update thread looks small, but obviously this is within a day of our previous thread. Would you prefer me to wait more time before updating or continue with the daily updates?




Mod Tim

30/03/2017 New Host & Server Update

Hi guys, 



Firstly Id like to mention that we have now upgraded to a new Host, this host will be faster as well as having several other advantages. The main one being JRebel.


One thing that a lot of people really noticed and enjoyed about the server was the fact that I was able to 'hotfix' any issues that came apparent, like little mistakes etc, it didn't require people to have to wait for the next update for a solution (Obviously some cases it isn't possible to hotfix).


However, with the new host I am able to get Jrebel back so small issues can be live-patched without an update. 



Let's get onto the update itself;



Aggressive timer increased


I have temporarily increased this to 15 minutes, I may deter this to 10 minutes down the line or the original 5.


Saradomin instance


Would spawn you on the wrong height, this is now fixed.


Deposit boxes


You can now use deposit boxes for the Looting bag.


Discord link


You can now use ::discord in-game to be directed to our Discord server.





A big issue with Zulrah has been fixed, it took me a while to debug this, but this should resolve most issues with Zulrah.



Note this update is small, but I wanted to switch over to this new host ASAP -







Mod Tim

Server Update 29/03/2017

Hi and welcome to another server update.



Firstly I just wanted to mention it's awesome to see the community coming together, I've seen a lot of players helping out and helping us get to where we are! things are looking so much better than they did 3 weeks ago when we started! Progress is unreal especially the community side and of course we've had plenty of updates to contribute!


Secondly Id like to mention that we will be looking at paid-advertisments within a week or so, thanks to all the current-supporters who have donated to help us out! It's amazing the support we've received for such a small community so far, we can only expect to grow from here!



- Milestone achieved -


A few of you guys won't of been around for when we peaked at 17 Players, but we have reached that milestone since opening, I know 17 isn't exactly deemed a lot, but it's just proof of progression, and with 17 on everyone seemed to be talking and enjoying themselves. It was definitely a great moment to see.


- The actual update -


Benchmark / Testing / debugging


I have added a lot of debugging information to help me diagnose issues, along with timers on game-events to help track down any potential memory leaks or performance issues. So far I've already found 4 and patched them up. The server average tick rate is already performing over 2x as fast.


Nulled account issue


I have been plagued with this issue for a long time, and I believe I have finally cracked it! This is the issue that is caused when you disconnect/intermittent issues and your account stays logged in. I have completely rewrote the whole handling of Logging in & out, and improved the system at the same time. Hopefully after this we can say goodbye to this pesky problem of ours.


Couple of Prayer touch-ups


A few prayer touch-ups to the code, hopefully this is now running smoothly. It also now calculates your Prayer bonus correctly.


Rewritten NPC movement


This was using a lot of resources per tick, and is barely even touching the CPU after this rewrite.


Object interaction update


A few issues (particularly woodcutting) would not start the event sometimes when running up to the tree. You would start to woodcut then stop. This should now be fixed. I have written a distanced task-system, which will begin a task when the distance has been reached.


Random caskets


Monster caskets have received more random items.



Bolt crafting


You can now create Ruby & Dragon bolts by attaching the tips.



Willow tree


The willow tree is now added to the Skilling area.


Online store debugging


We have an issue which we aren't sure of yet, we have added some debugging information so we can find the issue and get our automatic store up and running!




Thanks for reading;









Mod Tim


Welcome to another Server update thread.



I apologise about how long this one took, as most of you know I went on vacation for the weekend with my girl-friend. However I am back now!



Prayer rewrite


-- Please can players give me feedback on this system -- 


I have rewritten the Prayer system completely, it's also much more performance friendly for the server!


Special attacks rewritten


It's a very old system and very unreliable, this re-written version should remove any potential issues with special-attacks (This issue was reported to me by Random).


Multi-barrage on instances


There was a bug which made your multi-barrage hit npcs on different heights, so you could kill someone else's instance! this is now fixed.


Elder chaos druids


Elder chaos are now on DR, you can find them on the Teleport interface. They are assigned as a boss-task as they're located in the wilderness.


GP / iron men


An issue when killing an Iron man when you weren't an Iron man has been fixed.


Drop-rate formula


A tiny mistake on the formula for dropping was rectified, thought id just mention this, as if you experienced some hard-dry streaks, this could of being the problem.


Willow Tree & Lumbridge ladders


Both are working appropriately now.


Mystery box & a few additions 


A few new items have been added to our Online store. Thank you to all of our current supporters! We couldn't get this far without you.


Mining time adjusted


Slightly decreased how long it can potentially take to mine rocks.



Mod Tim

Server Update 23/03/2017

Hi guys,


Sorry this update is considered small. I haven't being able to code efficiently lately with being slightly busy IRL and the keyboard I had was really broken making it hard to type code. Anyway I've now got my new keyboard and have been looking into the "Nulled account issue". Hoping to have this fixed with this update, if you still get it, let me know and we'll have to look further!


I have done quite a lot of misc fixes/changes in the BG, but i probably will not list them all, as I haven't been keeping track of the changes properly this time as I've been busy trying to sort this null issue.



Game engine slight rewrite


Could you report to me if you feel any negative differences? I.e. more lag or anything of that calibre. 


"Debug command"


You can now use ::debug to get a statistical overview of an NPC's stats. It will show you the defence the NPC has against the attack you're using. aka Melee, Range, Mage.


"Zulrah & Kraken"


Both have had their defence stats reduced. Along with a few fixes to Zulrah.


Prayer rewrite


I've rewritten prayer slightly, hopefully this fixes the infinite prayer issue. 


Fixes to rooftop courses


Thanks to HC Akira, notifying me of some issues.



Interacting with Objects fix


It now caters in the specified Object Distance.


Mining time


Each pickaxe now has a more significant time-reduction on mining. (didnt make much of a difference prior).


Backup save task


We now have a backup-saving task, in case of any unexpected issues we experience (Just a fail-safe).








-- I've heard a few npcs on the game aren't accessible. Could someone notify me of which ones so i can get this patched ASAP --



Will be working on some new updates now I have the new keyboard :) Stay tuned.






Mod Tim

20/03/2017 Server Update

Hi guys, I like to keep to my word, hope you're excited for another update thread as I am!



Firstly Id like to say, thank you to all the new & loyal players that are supporting the server, couldn't do this without you. You have been fantastic, with reporting bugs, suggestions and just generally giving the motivation to continue. (I wouldn't stop anyway)!




Let's just get straight onto the update!


Sire fixes


Thanks to Soren for the testing of Sire.


A few issue with Sire, Poison, respawn issue and dropping of items are all patched and working fine now. I've tested it multiple times. Id be surprised if there was any more issues after this!


An extra path check


There was an issue with sometimes running up to npcs, your character would just give up. I have rewritten this and it willl now try find alternative paths instead of just one.


Crazy archaeologist


Is now live! He is also assigned as a Boss-task along with Chaos Fanatic. As I said id have these 3 bosses done ASAP.


Roof top agility start


I also said id be doing Roof top agility, proud to say i have made some good progress. I have currently wrote Varrock Rootop & Alkharid Rooftop. The rest are soon to come. (I will probably have these done for the next update), I mainly just wanted to release this fix for Sire.[media][/media]



As always, make sure to post bugs and suggestions you guys have! 


- If anyone can figure out the issue with Prayer, that'd be a great help. I haven't yet being able to debug the issue -

Mod Tim

Server Update 19/03/2017

Hi guys and welcome to another update thread!


Global objects


A few missing bank booths have been added back.


Global object distance


I have rewritten this, it should properly calculate the object-distances from now on.


Autocast selection rewritten, few issues with configs.


Lava dragons 


They can now be obtained as a slayer-task, as well as count towards your npc death tracker.



Chaos fanatic


Chaos Fanatic is now live! 


He drops his respective drops; good luck!


- the chaos elemental pet has also been added, Chaos fanatic is also included on the boss slayer-task list and the death trackers.




Misc bugs

Sire is now working properly. Poison mask fixed.

Couple of dialogues fixed

Nmz spawning fixed





What to expect in the next update thread...


Crazy archaeologist


Start of Rooftop agility




 Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the update.




Mod Tim

Server Update 18/03/2017

Hi and welcome to another update thread!






Abyssal sire released!


Please be aware that although I have tested this, it is possible that there could be improvements or issues with the system. Please make sure to post them or report them to me if there's anything that I missed.


Abyssal Orphan pet is also added.



Exp-rate change


Due to player-request, we have now decided to change the 'base' exp rate from x5 to x20. However It will still be possible for players to continue as x5. when you login you will be prompted with the option.




You can now note items on NPCs.



I apologise for the small update, but I wanted to push this exp-rate change ASAP, as well as releasing Sire for feedback. 




Mod Tim

Server Update 17/03/2017

Welcome to another Server Update thread.




In this thread Id like to just mention that it is lacking some updates, however I am currently working on Abyssal Sire and plan to have that released Tomorrow. It's almost done. It's about 80% of the way complete, however I just want to test and unify some code to prevent any issues on release.





Woodcutting & Mining


Are now both functional again, this was due to the Object data changing. If there's any other issues like this be sure to let me know!


Lava dragons


Lava dragons are now making an appearance into the game, they can be found on the Teleport interface with their respective drops.


Dragon breath


All dragons now feature the respective animation for using Dragon breath. This is more of a visual update, but can help to know when a dragon is casting dragon breath.



Misc fixes


Zulrah runs reset;

Controlled combat style removed..

PC portals attackable 

Prem area is now locked to Prem +





What to expect on the next server update thread!


Abyssal sire released


Chaos Fanatic


Crazy Archaeologist 


Once this is done, I will be creating a poll to decide what content we should write next.



Thanks for reading.






Mod Tim

Server Update 15/03/2017

Server Update thread:


As always, thanks to everyone who has reported bugs / suggestions.





::claimauths / ::claim now claims all your available auths for you (by IP).


Casket System


4 New caskets are added to the game


Monster casket - This is mainly for Slayer NPCS and features small rewards such as GP and rune items.

- Boss Tier 1 - This is a low tier boss casket with misc rewards (but better than a monster casket)

- Boss Tier 2 - this is a higher tier casket, currently features some unobtainable robes!

- Random casket - These caskets are gathered by doing Skills. You will receive them in your inventory, these ill have skill related supplies inside.





Drop rate command


Due to conspiracy, some players didn't believe there was any drop-rate modifier. I have now added a command ::droprate which will tell you your exact modifier %. This also stacks with the game-modes/donator rank/and items(Charos rings)


Home tutorial


Home tutorial has had a few improvements and more explanatory.




Kraken is now up and functional again!


Legends whip 


Graphical update






  • Bugs 
  • PC Portals fixed no longer follow you.
  • Zooming in on fixed

Mod Tim

13/03/2017 Client Update

This is the extension of the last update thread. I did them seperately. Be sure to download the latest .jar from our site



This update contains fixes for a couple of the bugs reported with the client.



  • Backspace for PM and adding friends fixed.
  • Esc to close interfaces now works properly.
  • Ardy map area is fixed.
  • Left click for PVP fixed
  • Toggling roofs fixed
  • Update to Model texturing
  • Some tweak for performance.

Refer to previous thread for the Server additions:

Mod Tim

13/03/2017 Server Update

Thanks to the support of Dylan, Chris, Udlr and Sereniti for all the bugs reported.



Update list


* Corporeal Beast 

- I have rewritten corporeal beast. It now features Dark cores and proper animations.


Double Experience


Issue with Double Experience event not starting fixed. Incorporated into my new Task-system.


Chaos Fanatic


Open arms to the introduction of Chaos Fanatic, The code is all in place, i just need to write the drops and implement him onto the live server.




Can access the PoS via 'Collect' (This will visually update when I release the new client to a more appropriate name).







  • Achievement tier announcement displayed incorrectly.
  • Blank achievements in Tier 3 fixed
  • Turael says you need to slay 10, but actually gives more. Fixed
  • Checking the enchanted gem will no longer equipt it. (Will give you access to the Tracker).
  • Potion decanter achievement fixed, you could complete it without actually decanting any potions
  • NPC shops have been adjusted. Looks more tidy (Please note naming etc is  on the client, so this will not be visually done for you guys until I release the client update).
  • Level up - You will no longer see the level up interface until level 70 and above. I have also rewrote this for performance.
  • Teleports removed and now rely on the Teleport Interface via Magical wizard. Let me know if any areas aren't accessible due to this.
  • Few NPC dialogues cleaned up. Thanks to Udlr for the spots.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed you to open the Agility Arena while in the wilderness.



Mod Tim

11/03/2017 Server Update

Welcome to the first official update thread. 
Baring in mind this does not include all the work that has undergone since re-opening. there's plenty of misc changes in the works that haven't been announced, purely because when i was working on this before becoming public I wasn't taking note or pushing any of the work I was doing. So my memory fades...
Multiple doors fixed
One thing that always sucked in DR was the Door system. This is on my TODO list to redo, but for now I have fixed them.
OSRS clipping data added.
Highscores updated and working.
Store Online and working now features Categories! 
Ignore the messy Items and the Mystery box. These are all due to be updated to. I haven't bothered to do this yet as it's only visual.
Rewrote Weapon handling ; fixes an issue with switching styles.
This issue was strange, instead of finding it, I just rewrote it.
Wrote support for a Gem Bag. - Can store up to 50 of each uncut gem.
I know it can be annoying to get a full inventory or have to leave the gems to save inventory space. hopefully this solves that issue! I will be releasing a Herbs bag next!
Teleport Interface has multiple new teleports added ~ Some are still currently being worked on.
Most of the new teleports are place-holders for when I actually write the scripts for the bosses. You can expect them all done within a month of now.
Skill point system introduced
 Gain skill points via skilling. Each Skill has a predetermined difficulty which is taken into account when skilling which helps decide the chance of receiving a skill point.
Issue fixed with NMZ
 Defaults back to accurate; Lever now works. Several teles added to Teleport Interface rather than by NPC aka: Mining area; thieving area;
Lizard shamans added.
Drops yet to be done.
Several fixes to Combat.
Project converted to Maven for performance enhancements. 
Godwars system updated.
Instanced rooms are available for a fee. Along with a NPC Group Respawn system.
Boss Handler system improved upon.
 This was necessary to do some more complex tasks with NPCS.
Hardcore and Ultimate Iron man game modes added.
This can be picked by the starter-interface.
Please note a lot of updates are missing, I just wanted to start making threads of the updates so you can see that effort is being put in, instead of having to play to find the changes!
~ Big thanks to Dylan for reporting a lot of these bugs ~

Mod Tim

Behind the scenes

We just recently released Bounty Hunter, be sure to come and check it out.